NEW NO-SNOW Running Board Inserts:

 New No-Snow Running Board Inserts:

Light weight aluminum construction, solid 1/2" round stock cross bars individually welded. Welds wrap up and over the round stock to distribute weight along the tunnel; significantly stiffening  the outside rail, which virtually eliminates flex, helping transfer more of your shifting body weight to the snow.

Solid one piece traction tooth design that goes all the way through slots in the 1/2" round stock for extreme druability while being easy on your boots. 

Eliminates snow build up, shedding snow carry weight.

Typical install time 1.5 - 3 hrs. mounting hardware included

Combine with New Running Board Stiffener for Custom Riding Positions Perfect for Big Hill Powder Climbing.



Arctic Cat   Polaris  Ski Doo  Yamaha

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Our Running Board Inserts are constructed from .125" Aluminum and cut on a Waterjet. Each set of Inserts feature separate cleats that can be mounted in the location of your choice or left off to create a completely custom running board based on your riding style. Should any damage occur to an individual cleat it can be replaced. All cleats feature a large radius traction nib that not only provides excellent traction, but will not damage your boots. The tunnel support,cleats and footboards are fastened with torx head stainless steel bolts. Running Board Inserts are available in Natural Aluminum or a Black Semi Gloss Powder Coated Finish, all cleats come in a Natural Aluminum Finish.


All parts made locally in Kalispell, Montana