Panel Screen Options


Our PVC coated screen is available in the following choices.  You will be able to choose your screen during checkout.  For more information or if you have any questions about which screen is right for you, please feel free to E-Mail or call (406)250-1606 and we will be glad to suggest the right screen for you.

Please Note: Shade Factor is defined as the amount of light, or in our case the amount of air that will penetrate the screen.  The lower the number, the more open the screen and therefore more air will be allowed in as well as hot air out.  Our tight weave screen is rated at 95%, which means the open area is only 5%.


Black Standard 80% Shade Factor (our most popular)

Black 80%



Standard Colors are 70% Shade Factor

(Slightly more open than our standard Black)

Blue 70%  Lt Gray 70%  Orange 70%

Red 70%  White 70%  Yellow 70%



Tight Weave Colors are 95% Shade Factor

(Significantly tighter weave than any of our other screen)

Black 95%  Blue 95%

White 95%  Yellow 95%

All parts made locally in Kalispell, Montana